Contra-Indications: Acute narrow-angle glaucoma, respiratory depression; marked neuromuscular respiratory weakness including unstable myasthenia gravis; acute pulmonary insufficiency; sleep apnoea syndrome; severe hepatic impairment; not for chronic psychosis; should not be used alone in depression or in anxiety with depression; avoid injections containing benzyl alcohol in neonates. Up to 18% of people in industrialised societies are mildly affected by chronic tinnitus, and 0.5% report tinnitus having a severe effect on their daily life. Table 1: Controlled clinical trials with Ginkgo special extract EGb 761 as against placebo or reference substances in patients suffering from tinnitus. In one study, after acoustic trauma, tinnitus was improved 66% by using vinpocetine (Konopka et al. 1997). Figure 2. Vegetative symptoms were improved most among the patients receiving Arlevert, though dimenhydrinate patients fared better than did those receiving cinnarizine in this evaluation.

Despite the lack of evidence of a teratogenic effect of piracetam and cinnarizine Phezam contraindicated during pregnancy. Up to 18% of the general population in industrialised countries are mildly affected by chronic tinnitus, and 0.5% report tinnitus having a severe effect on their ability to lead a normal life. Some, such as Cinnarizine also block muscarinic acetylcholine receptors and are used as anti-emetic agents.

Q: I am presently taking 10 mg of nortriptyline for depression and I am increasing it to 10 mg twice a day. Nortilin 25: Each film coated tablet contains Nortriptyline HCl BP equivalent to Nortriptyline 25 mg. Therefore all tinnitus treatment solutions we offer are customizable to you – your hearing level, your tinnitus, your lifestyle and preferences. It is pertinent to note that side effects of Cinnarizine cannot be anticipated.

Maintenance therapy for symptoms of cerebrovascular origin, including dizziness, ear buzzing (tinnitus), vascular headache.Prophylaxis of motion sickness. Cinnarizine is eliminated through the intestine largely unchanged, with the urine – mainly in the form of metabolites. Mit den rezeptfreien 200-mg-Tabletten dürfte eine Tagesdosis von 1200 mg kaum je überschritten werden. The first review (search date 2006; 6 RCTs; 285 people) assessed CBT in patients with tinnitus.

With different treatment periods between 40 days and six months, more or less pronounced improvements of the tinnitus symptoms or elimination of the ear noises were obtained in most studies. Fig.2: Tinnitus volume in dB on the ear more affected (mean value with 95% confidence intervals) in 99 patients with tinnitus (EGb 761 : n=49; placebo : n=50) and twelve-week treatment.

Patient distribution among the groups is as foJlows: group A (Arlevert), 40 patients (32.8%); group 0 (dimenhydrinate), 41 (33.6%); and group C (cinnarizine), 41 patients (33.6%). If you are giving cinnarizine to a child, check the label carefully to make sure you are giving the correct dose for the age of your child. Sound therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective approaches to tinnitus management. Many people are incorrectly told nothing can be done”, and to just learn to live with it.” At Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS), we have deep experience in treating tinnitus patients and providing relief.

A plant extract used to reduce the symptoms of cognitive deficits such as decreased memory function, poor concentration, and reduced alertness, ginkgo biloba has been shown to have positive results in the treatment of tinnitus and dizziness in the scientific literature (Stange et al. 1975; Jung et al. 1998). I’m a typical tinnitus sufferer in that I have high frequency hearing loss that corresponds to the tinnitus frequency. When the transition from acute to chronic treatment fails to alleviate symptoms, mild vestibular sedatives such as cinnarizine may be of help. Stugeron is the brand name of a medicine called cinnarizine (25 mg) that is used in vertigo, tinnitus and Meniers disease.

We found one RCT comparing hearing aids versus a waiting list control in people who were having hearing aids fitted primarily for hearing loss, and who also had tinnitus. However, it found no significant difference between sertraline and placebo in tinnitus annoyance and clinician-rated depression. Tinnitus can have an insidious onset, with a long delay before clinical presentation. Clinical improvement was defined as a total or partial reduction of tinnitus after treatment.

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